Counseling & Coaching

I help individuals, couples & families reach higher ground with an action-oriented approach to healing. My goal is to help you become your BEST SELF so that you can Live your Best Life. We will focus on your personal growth through my Best Self model, which focuses on all of the areas of your life: Love, Work, Play, Mind, Body, and Soul. I use the principles of depth psychology, mindfulness, the process communication model and a solution-focused approach in confronting issues such as as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem & relationship issues. I believe that these symptoms are information to help you find personal transformation.

I have helped countless couples on the brink of divorce transform their relationship through my intensive REALationship boot camp. I guide individuals, who are so unfulfilled in life that they suffer from anxiety and depression, find personal fulfillment.

We will do our sessions on a beautiful 4acre retreat in the Santa Monica mountains. We might do a session in a 26’ Tipi, in the cabin in front of the fireplace, or enjoy the outdoors as we walk and talk or feed the horses or pet our Pig, Hamlet. My role is to help guide you to heal old wounds so that you can be your Best Self. My Motto is Better Self. Better Life.

Counseling and Coaching

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